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Jocelyn Paine

Jocelyn Paine was fortunate to be raised in New York City by a mother who encouraged her to visit a different museum each Saturday–and New York has many! Ms. Paine still believes that looking analytically at the work of skilled artists is one of the best ways to learn. Pastels are her favorite medium after 30 years of doing art, although she also works with colored pencils and watercolors. Ms. Paine has exhibited several times in Anchorage, both as part of a group and in solo shows.

She was chosen as a finalist in the Art for Alaska Parks Competition, 2012, with two large pastel landscapes. The Pastel Journal, October, 2012, published a profile she wrote about the little-known 18th Century pastellist, Rosalba Carriera, who was the most famous portrait painter of her time.

An Argentine tango dancer, Ms. Paine has visited Buenos Aires and Europe several times, and the passion of that dance has been an inspiration. During one of those trips, at the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, she found a quote from the letters of the artist to his brother, Theo: “I only feel alive when I‘m painting,” a truth which she modifies to “I feel most alive when I’m painting.”

Jocelyn Paine
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